The Amelia

Nursing & Pumping Swim Cami

Part of motherhood is staying active with your little ones, and breastfeeding should be just as accessible out in the sun! Shop our collection of Amelia Swim Cami's for maternity, nursing and pumping.

Flange/ Wearable Pump Compatible

Chlorine & Salt Water Protection

Pull down at neckline to breastfeed, NO nursing clips!

I love the Amelia swim cami for summer and all year! I wore it in the summer at the beach/pool and love layering in the winter under sweaters! The quality is amazing! It’s so supportive. Easy to nurse, easy to pump. So versatile. I can’t wait to buy this in new colors/prints!!

Buy 2 Or More & Save!

I love the ribbed swim cami. Nice thick material on the inside, keeps my flanges in place. They look so cute and I feel amazing in them! The hot coral color is gorgeous!


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