DAVIN & ADLEY is a combination of my passion for breastfeeding and my professional career of designing Intimate Apparel. I had my first baby in 2016, and quickly realized the selection of bras for new moms was lacking. I couldn't believe how few options there were for nursing and pumping, especially functional options. 

After having my 2nd baby in 2019, I had enough of trying to make poor quality bras work for my breast pumps. As a former Senior Technical Designer and Product Development Specialist of Intimate apparel and swimwear for 15 years, I knew I could offer this industry something better. I wanted to create not only functional options for nursing and pumping, but also something modern, young and beautiful for the moms.  I started designing options for myself to test during my own breastfeeding journey and quickly used my experience in both design and product development to bring the product to market.

In 2021, I had my 3rd baby which gave me the opportunity to use every one of my products myself. Product testing and applying customer feedback are the most important parts of this brand. Not a day has gone by in the last 3 years that I have not personally worn one of my bras. It's truly amazing being able to help breastfeeding mothers on their journey. Thank you for trusting me be part of yours! 

-Amanda, Founder and CEO

 Please follow along with my small business story from start up to success!