Curious what others are saying about our products? We are proud to say we have been featured by the press and would love for you to check out what they are saying about us. included Davin & Adley as one of the "24 best Mother's Day gifts perfect for new moms!" Check it out here.

Romper listed our Ella Bralette as one of the "12 Nursing & Pumping Bras You'll Actually Love To Wear." Check it out here.

Working Mothers listed Davin & Adley as one of the "Best New Baby Products for Working Mothers in 2021". For more, read the article here.

Daily Mom selected Davin & Adley as one of "12 Outstanding Baby and Mom Valentine's Day Gifts 2021." To read the article, click here.

Exclusive Pumping listed Davin & Adley as one of "The 6 Best Breast Pads in 2021". Read it here!

Mother Muse wrote on article on David & Adley writing, "David & Adley provide a nursing bra liner like you’ve never seen, or felt, before." To read the entire article, click here.

BeMyBreastFriend recently reviewed our product and had this to say, "Nursing pads are pretty typical; they’re round, they come in pairs and they leave an ugly outline visible through your bra. Until now, this Davin & Adley nursing pad is the complete opposite. It’s one pad that covers both breasts and it contours smoothly under your bra- leaving no unattractive rings around your nipples." To read the entire review, see here.

Lastly, and perhaps our favorite, is an article written by weeSpring saying, "It’s everything you’ve ever wanted….in a nursing bra." To read the entire article, click here.

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