When a mother’s lifestyle includes pumping and nursing, the Amelia Cami is designed to meet those needs without skipping a beat. Versatile, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish, the next evolution of nursing bras has finally arrived! Just look at our rave reviews…

The Amelia

Pumping & Nursing Cami

Thoughtful planning, well-designed features, and a lot of love went into making The Amelia our best-selling pumping and nursing bra with new five-star ratings coming in every day!

The Amelia Collection is centered around giving breastfeeding moms more options for functionality, comfort, AND style! That’s why the Amelia Crop Cami is offered in so many fun colors, and we are always adding new ones.

The BUSTY Amelia

Pumping & Nursing Tank

Looking for more support? The Busty Amelia offers all the features of the Crop Cami in a full-length tank that provides more room in the bust, belly support during pregnancy and postpartum, and a slim-fitted finish that looks great tucked into high-waisted pants.

  • Wider Straps

  • Fuller Coverage

I already loved the Amelia cami but wanted the full length tank so I didn't need to wear a tank top under some of my shirts. This is perfection. It has just the right amount of snug to hold everything in but you still breathe easily. It also has plenty of stretch in the bust between feeding sessions. I got both colors and are now staples in my closet even 9 months postpartum.