When it comes to the Momcozy M5 and Cubba Bubba Suprema, one factor they have in common is their size. With detachable motors situated on top, finding a supportive bra becomes imperative! If you’re in search of the best pumping bra to complement these pumps, explore our top recommendations below!

The Riley:

Riley Wearable Pump

The Riley lace pumping bralette stands out as the top choice for the optimal pumping bra for several reasons.

To begin with, it boasts a bralette-style length, longer than standard bras, offering increased coverage to securely hold a larger breast pump. Additionally, the adjustable straps offer essential support, ensuring a comfortable fit.

The Momcozy M5 and Cubba Bubba Suprema breast pumps both require firm positioning against your chest – this is where The Riley is a perfect fit! Specifically designed for collection cups, wearable pumps, and flanges, it delivers the necessary support to maintain your pump in the required position. Providing the perfect combination of functionality and comfort, it feels like an ideal everyday bralette, equipped with the necessary adjustments for pumping! Witness its effectiveness in action here.

While a classic black remains a timeless option for every mom, it's also available in Cream for a fresh twist!

The Amelia:

Amelia Cami

A must-have for all breastfeeding moms, The Amelia Nursing & Pumping Crop Cami proves versatile for various purposes. Its inclusion in our best pumping bra choices is due to its exceptional support with these two pumps. Featuring an inner layer to prevent slipping, this bra also allows you to pull down the top compression layer for an additional level of support, crucial for larger wearable pumps like the Suprema and Momcozy M5. Discover how The Amelia works in action here!

Available in nine different colours, including Petal Pink and Lavender, also check out our pre-built Bundles for savings on post-partum essentials!

The Sophie:

Rounding up our list is The Sophie, meticulously crafted with wearable breast pumps in mind but versatile enough to be an excellent nursing bra as well. Engineered with triangular pockets, this bra ensures your pump stays securely in place without sliding, while the interior panel provides full coverage for nursing and breast support.

Adding to its appeal, The Sophie boasts a magnetic clip-down strap, simplifying pump insertion and positioning. Once in place, simply clip it back up for added support. This bra perfectly pairs with the Suprema and Momcozy M5!

Selecting the Best Pumping Bra for Your Pump

A top-quality bra can significantly enhance your pumping experience, particularly with pumps like the Momcozy and Cubba Bubba Suprema. Choose a bra that offers reliable support, ensuring your pump remains secure while you focus on your tasks.

Have a different pump? Stay tuned for future blog posts regarding the best pumping bras tailored to other pump models available in Canada!

April 15, 2024