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Paisley Liner


Congratulations! You are expecting or just had a baby and are starting to breastfeed. Your milk may have already come in or you may still be waiting...

HELLO, it’s in!

All nursing moms can relate to the discomfort of engorged leaky breasts. Now it’s time to control the girls while establishing your supply, getting a great latch with your baby and attempting to find postpartum clothing to fit over your boobs that just grew 2 cup sizes overnight.

There is nothing quite like the experience of an unexpected letdown all over your outfit moments before leaving the house, or waking up to drenched bedding because you haven’t fed or pumped in several hours. We get it, we've been there! We searched for an answer ourselves and didn’t find exactly what we were looking for. So you know what mama, we created it. 


Paisley Development

We started off looking at the fabric and function of cloth diapering. After many tries we landed on an amazing high-tech material for Paisley. Super absorbent + thin, holds up to 10x its weight in liquid! Our favorite feature - the antimicrobial finish that prevents odor and infection. No more sour milk smell! 


Paisley Sizes

Adjusting circles to cover the nips all day was not our cup of tea. We knew there was a better design, something that would stay in place and stop shifting around. Most importantly, we wanted to create something that didn't show embarrassing circles under your clothing and give more coverage for leaks. 


Paisley 3 sizes

At DAVIN&ADLEY, we are breastfeeding moms ourselves, so we know one size nursing pads do not fit all. We proudly accommodate size 32-49 bands with small to large cups.


"Size 1 was perfect for me!" 34B


"I wore both sizes, size 2 when super engorged and size 1 when not." 36DD


"The size 2 bra liner fit amazing!" 40C

 Wearing Paisley

Paisley was designed to be worn inside your favorite nursing bras or inside your tank with no bra, something that is impossible with circular separate pads! The one-piece design is perfect for sports bras and bralettes, imagine a workout without worrying that your nursing pads have moved! We created this product for you moms! 

Wash your pads in our lingerie bag and never worry about misplacing a set. Our 3-pack makes the perfect baby shower gift for mom to be! Try Paisley and we promise it will change the way you breastfeed.

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March 18, 2024