As a new or soon-to-be mom, you're likely familiar with the challenge of finding a swimsuit that meets all your needs. It needs to accommodate your growing bump, allow for easy nursing, facilitate hands-free pumping, and, of course, make you look and feel great! While many maternity swimsuits CAN'T do it all, there's one standout option that can! Keep reading to learn more about our top pick for swimwear that's perfect for summer, whether you're expecting or breastfeeding, offering both convenience and style.

The Best Nursing Swim Top

Finding a swimsuit that you can nurse in is essential for breastfeeding moms. No one wants to worry about changing clothes every time their baby needs to eat! On top of that, you should feel comfortable nursing by the pool, without the hassle of having to retreat to your car or find a private spot.

Ribbed Amelia Pumping & Nursing Swim Cami BRA DAVIN&ADLEY

Introducing our top pick for this summer: the versatile Amelia Swim Cami! Made from 3-in-1 fabric, this piece can be worn as a swim top, sports bra, or an everyday lounge top, offering endless styling possibilities beyond the pool or beach. The Amelia is designed for discreet nursing, allowing you to feed your baby without missing out on any fun. Similarly to the original Amelia Pumping and Nursing Cami, this top doesn't have nursing clips; instead, it features one-handed nursing sliders that easily pull down from the top. Some moms have shared they  use the pumping slits for additional coverage while nursing in public. With the Amelia, you can feed your baby stress-free, right from the poolside!

The Best Pumping Swimsuit Top

This maternity swimsuit is ideal for pumping moms as well. It's specifically designed to keep all your pump parts securely in place, eliminating the need to change out of a wet bathing suit to pump. The swimsuit features a top layer that easily lifts up to align your pump parts and then pulls back down to support your flanges without shifting. The Davin & Adley Swim Collection is crafted with a thicker lining for coverage and offers sturdy support for your pump bottles.

In fact, this maternity swimsuit top can work with whatever pump you have! This can be especially helpful for moms using wearable breast pumps or a portable pump while at the pool or beach.

How is this Maternity Swimsuit Unique?


We're all aware that pregnant moms make more frequent trips to the bathroom, and who wants to struggle with a wet bathing suit all day? No one! That's why Davin & Adley offers two-piece style maternity swimwear. We suggest pairing the versatile Amelia Swim Cami with your favorite maternity swim bottoms or any under the belly bikini style you prefer. This mix-and-match approach is perfect for your next beach trip or tropical vacation! One bottom can be paired with all seven swim tops!

What sets this maternity swimsuit apart is its versatility throughout your maternity and postpartum journey. It's the perfect essential for expecting moms, showing off your cute bump then seamlessly transitioning into your breastfeeding journey. No longer will you feel guilty about buying a maternity item that's only useful for less than nine months. The Amelia Swim Cami has additional uses, such as for water births or relaxation tubs during labour, Mommy and me swim lessons, and year-round hot tub use!

The Amelia Pumping and Nursing Swim Cami is now available in a variety of solids and prints, so you can find one that suits your style. Choose from our straight strap prints or our racerback solids!

If that wasn't convincing enough, this maternity swimsuit is a customer favorite not just for the beach but also for lounging, exercising, or layering in a cute outfit for everyday wear. Wherever you're headed this summer, the Amelia Swim Top deserves a spot on your packing list!

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April 01, 2024