As a new mom, the first few days (or weeks) are a mix of precious newborn cuddles and frequent trips to the bathroom. The last thing you need is discomfort from your postpartum pad shifting, bunching up or the feeling like you're in a diaper. If this sounds familiar to you or if you're looking to avoid this scenario, keep reading to discover the top postpartum underwear options for after your delivery!

Why Postpartum Underwear?

Whether you had a C-section or vaginal delivery, postpartum underwear is a must-have as you find your new routine. It should ideally offer both security and comfort during this recovery period.

We vividly recall struggles as new moms, trying various products to find something that would facilitate postpartum recovery. Unfortunately, the available options were uncomfortable, too loose, or too tight in all the wrong places, especially around the stomach (which is particularly challenging for C-section moms!). That's why Davin and Adley decided to expand its range of breastfeeding essentials to include postpartum care as well!

Vaginal Delivery Recovery

Planning for recovery after a vaginal delivery involves some unique considerations, particularly the challenge of managing large postpartum pads and "padsicles." The standard mesh postpartum underwear provided by hospitals is often thin, overly stretchy, and prone to scrunching up uncomfortably with movement. It's simply not designed for long-term wear.

Enter the Mia Boxer Short. This postpartum underwear option is better than both the basic mesh underwear you get after birth and regular underwear options. It features an extra-wide crotch gusset lined in cotton for complete coverage. Designed to discreetly and securely hold large maternity pads without lumps and bunches. The soft compression hugs you where you need it and stays in place without rolling up. In short these shorts ensure everything stays where you need it to during your recovery!

For those who required stitches after delivery, the boxer shorts are an excellent choice. Regular underwear can exert too much pressure on these sensitive areas post-birth. However, the boxer style of the Mia ensures comfortable healing.

The Best C Section Underwear

The Mia Boxer Short was designed with the help of recovering c-section mamas to ensure that the rise was tall enough and comfortable enough for your recovering scar. The full cotton V shape lining is breathable to prevent infection and the compression fabric helps provide some structure where it's needed! Finally, this postpartum underwear option is great underneath your c-section belly binder so that won't rub against your skin either.

Multi-Functional Postpartum Underwear

Not only is the Mia Boxer Short an excellent recovery option for both C-section and vaginal deliveries, but it also offers versatility that starts before you give birth! The waistband, which provides comfortable tummy compression post-delivery, is also stretchy enough to accommodate your growing belly during pregnancy.

These are not your typical underwear; in fact, they are so comfortable you can wear them on their own around the house! They are not see-through, making them suitable to wear as shorts during your recovery and beyond. Alternatively, you can layer them under cozy lounge pants for added comfort.

It's important to note that postpartum underwear differs from period underwear. While period underwear is self-absorbing, the Mia Boxer Short is not, making it necessary to use those huge maternity pads. However, the compression of the shorts helps keep the pads in place! This was a choice made to prevent any potential infections from absorbent underwear post-birth. Every aspect of these shorts was carefully designed to ensure you have the most comfortable recovery possible!

June 03, 2024