Choosing a breast pump can feel overwhelming with the array of options available to today's pumping mothers: manual, electric, portable, wearable, so many things to consider! You might have conducted extensive research, only to find that a popular brand isn't available at your local store. In Canada, breast pumps are categorized as medical devices and regulated accordingly by Health Canada. Yet, not all brands have done the work to obtain the necessary certification to sell in the country. To streamline your decision-making process, we've gathered some of the top choices for Canadian parents.

Medela Breast Pump

Medela is probably the most well-known breast pump brand in Canada. Their hospital-grade Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump is available for rental from a variety of places in Canada, including many pharmacies, hospitals, and birth professionals. We recommend talking to your doctor or midwife as the cost could be covered by your insurance plan. Medela also offers a variety of options for other styles of breast pumps, from hand-powered to hands-free!

Another powerhouse brand in the baby-feeding world, Philips Avent offers a smaller selection of breast pumps with their natural motion technology, inspired by how babies drink, for a fast and gentle pumping experience.

Cubba Bubba is the first Canadian brand of wearable breast pumps to have their Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada, and we happen to think that’s pretty cool! The Suprema wearable breast pump by Cubba Bubba is wireless, tubeless, quiet, lightweight, and completely hands-free while still offering 300 mmHg suction power (that’s hospital-grade).

Willow Breast Pump

Willow Go prioritizes comfort and convenience without sacrificing efficiency or capacity. This fully in-bra design is discreet and easy to assemble with one hand. Hospital-grade suction and customizable modes add to the list of reasons it is loved by moms!

Momcozy was issued their Medical Device Licence by Health Canada on May 3, 2023 for the M5, S10, S12 PRO, and S9 PRO models. From the beginning they have involved mothers in their design process and make it their mission to empower moms all over the world. The M5 is the lightest choice in Momcozy’s line-up, the “Baby Mouth” pumps the nipples just like a baby’s suckling. The S12 Pro has 3 modes and a double-sealed flange that makes it Momcozy’s most efficient pump. The S9 Pro offers the longest battery life of Momcozy’s pumps, one 2.5 hour charge gives you a total of 180 mins of pumping!

Momcozy in Amelia

March 25, 2024